FaFa Dumplings
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FaFa Dumplings
It's not flour, it's FaFa!

Handmade chinese Dumplings

Fresh, Local, Sustainable, and Gluten Free


So Fresh and So Clean

FaFa Dumplings is an Oakland based dumpling company that serves handmade Chinese dumplings made from fresh, local, sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients. Based on traditional recipes with creative twists, all of our dumplings are gluten free and allergy conscious.

Made with love

Our handmade wrappers are made with care to create dumplings that have a perfect balance of crispiness, tenderness, and chew. We source the freshest and best ingredients we can find from local farmers and vendors who care for the land, people, and  animals. We are committed to a thriving and just local economy.



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"It's not flour, it's FaFa."

After a lifetime of making and eating dumplings and over a decade working for food justice, I started this company after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease. Dumplings have always been a source of comfort, joy, celebration, connection, culture, and community for me. FaFa Dumplings strives to bring people together to share delicious dumplings that everyone can enjoy.

Many people ask, why name the business FaFa Dumplings? “Fafa” is a cute way of saying “flower” in my mother’s native Cantonese. First of all, I love a good pun as much as the next food business - (flower not flour, gluten free, get it? - heehee!). Secondly, fafa was one of the words my mother and I shared speaking with each other in our “secret” language living in New Hampshire. After coming home from nursery school one day, I corrected my mom as I had been corrected at school, saying “No, mommy, it’s not fafa, it’s flower! Say it, flower.” My mom tells this story as one of the reasons she stopped speaking to me in Cantonese. FaFa Dumplings is a way to reclaim this story and celebrate how food has become a central part of how I’ve stayed connected to my Chinese cultural roots. Now I can proudly say, "It's not flour, it's FaFa!"

Ang, FaFa Founder